There are a lot of great books to read for addiction recovery. Those who join narcotics anonymous start with the basic text, Narcotics Anonymous 6th Edition. Narcotics Anonymous also publishes It Works How and Why – The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous along with an accompanying workbook. These three books provide a foundation for recovery. Participants work through the twelve steps in groups, with sponsors, and independently. By using these tools, addicts learn more about what drives their behavior and how to control those instincts to use.

Russell Brand, the actor, comedian, and activist, published Recovery, Freedom From Our Addictions. In his book, Russell Brand asks the questions about addiction and provides information about recovery in a modern style that is extremely easy for fans to understand. His books are becoming more and more popular with NA members who seek to achieve an understanding of self. It is one of the best books for recovering drug addicts.

The best books for alcoholics to read start with the Alcoholics Anonymous, Big Book. Members of AA often start with the Big Book and it’s accompanying workbook, Twelve Steps, and Twelve Traditions. William Griffith Wilson, known as Bill W., was the co-founder and father of the Alcoholics Anonymous principles and traditions. At the core is an open and inclusive path to recovery.

The best-selling book, by a Buddhist teacher Noah Levine, Refuge Recovery – A Buddhist Path to Recovery From Addiction, contains a lot of information for a modern spiritual path to recovery, addressing the range of emotions and providing eight steps to recovery. The eight steps outlined by Levine include understanding, intention, communication/community, action/engagement, livelihood/service, effort/energy, mindfulness/meditations, and concentration/meditation.

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Admitting you have a problem is the first step

The ideal steps to recovery start with admitting to the self that there is indeed a problem that is out of your control. Once you have admitted and recognized alcohol and/or addiction are negatively impacting your life, then you may choose recovery by following the steps outlined in recovery programs. Admitting that you have a problem is the very first step to achieving a long and lasting recovery.

Practicing Mindfulness: 75 Essential Meditations to Reduce Stress, Improve Mental Health, and Find Peace in the Every day by Matthew Sockolov provide important tools that recovering addicts and alcoholics can use to improve their quality of life. The tips and tricks provided by Sockolov can be applied to daily life. With regular practice, these tools can help you improve not only your physical health but also your spiritual health. Recovering from addiction and alcoholism requires a strong spiritual foundation though it is free from religious connotations.

Books for recovering drug addicts as well as alcoholics are essential to recovery. Simply reading the books helps to occupy time once spent on chasing the addiction. Through the practices taught by AA and NA hundreds of thousands achieve lasting recovery every day. The success of AA and NA is not in question. Those helped through these programs often dedicate their lives to service through these organizations. Helping others is just one way the AA and NA community works to restore life to the many people who’ve lost their way due to alcohol or drugs.

There are many different books that tell tails of addiction and recovery. One of the most infamous books is A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. Frey became notorious after he appeared on Oprah. Frey’s account given credibility when A Million Little Pieces became an Oprah Book Club special. However, it turned out that his accounts where highly exaggerated and some claims were completely false. While the damage was done, the book took off. The rise in sales of this incredible tale makes it worth the read. If you are interested in other topic-related articles, visit our blog, today!