For people with addiction, choosing the right treatment center is critical. This space should focus on healing from the addiction’s physical and mental health damage. It is also a time to work on the underlying cause of your addiction. For those who are within the LGBTQ community, that’s often very different than what others face. Our LGBTQ addiction treatment center at United Recovery Project offers the resources you need to feel comfortable and supported through the recovery process within our luxury addiction treatment programs.

Is an LGBTQ Inclusive Addiction Treatment Center Right for One?

One of the components of successful treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is having the ability to open up and express oneself fully. That’s hard to do if you do not feel comfortable in your surroundings. Our team works hard to ensure our LGBTQ addiction treatment center is uniquely designed to support your needs, ensuring you feel at home, supported, and treated with respect no matter what you’ve experienced anywhere else. It is in this positive environment that you can start to feel good about your future.

What to Expect in an LGBTQ Friendly Addiction Rehab

At United Recovery Project, we offer a luxury treatment program designed to provide for all of your needs in a comfortable, modern environment. We offer a range of substance abuse treatment programs and dual diagnosis treatment services, including:

Each of these programs is meant to give you the tools you need to stop using drugs and alcohol. For many, starting with detox is critical as it allows a person to gain the ability to focus on the underlying cause of their addiction and strategies to heal. Detox breaks the physical and psychological demand addiction has on you, giving you the tools you need to move forward.

Exceptional Therapies in an LGBTQ Friendly Addiction Treatment Center

From there, we offer a range of addiction therapy programs. Each one helps you to heal in some way. For example, equine therapy is one of the most important programs we offer. It allows a person to learn to care for a horse, provide opportunities for emotional healing, gain self-confidence, and improve overall understanding of our own struggles.

For some people, trauma therapy is also important. Because many people within the LGBTQ community have struggled with past trauma or have felt lost and hurt, this type of program can help ensure the best possible outcome. It is possible to overcome that trauma without having to relive it. In doing so, a person may feel empowered to move beyond their addiction.

Our complete therapies are many but some of the most common include:

  • Life skills training programs
  • Health and wellness training
  • Fitness training programs
  • Equine therapy programs
  • Art and music therapy programs

In addition to this, we also offer cognitive-behavioral therapy and other evidence-based therapies. These are designed to provide tools to help recognize triggers, work through stress management problems, and build up family relationships. The goal of therapy is to work on the damage of addiction and its cause and create a clear path forward. Our LGBTQ addiction treatment center is designed to help you start living a life that feels right to you and one that gives you the best possible quality of life possible without the reliance on drugs or alcohol.

Invest in Treatment at United Recovery Project Today

As a comprehensive LGBTQ addiction treatment center, we welcome you to learn how to live a life in addiction recovery. Our team offers the tools and resources you need to achieve this in a luxury setting. Explore the care United Recovery Project can offer by calling 888-960-5121 or connecting with us now online.

LGBTQ Addiction Treatment Center

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