Co-ed rehab can be awkward for some individuals. Therefore, at United Recovery Project, we offer gender-specific housing as part of our luxury addiction treatment program. We’re committed to providing expert treatment to each person who comes to our substance abuse treatment center. Our women’s rehab center in Florida can provide high-quality treatment to individuals who prefer working through their substance use disorder issues with gender peers.

Avoiding Distractions and Getting the Proper Attention

It’s quite common for women in drug or alcohol rehab to have endured trauma at the hands of the opposite sex. This trauma, in turn, has a direct effect on developing a substance use disorder. For this reason, United Recovery Project makes sure to offer gender-specific housing allowing clients to have a safe space they can return to after co-ed treatment. In our women’s-only addiction rehab program, women can feel safe and secure as they identify, explore, and overcome their addiction and any mental health issues.

Our Women’s Rehab Program Lets You Focus on Recovery

When stimulants, depressants, or any other substance gets its hooks in you, it’s extremely unlikely to heal on one’s own. Targeted assistance and professional support is the best option for success. Working with therapists who understand what you’re going through can be key in healing and preventing relapse.

For example, many women have a difficult time dealing with stressors. They might reach for drugs or stimulants to boost productivity. Alternatively, they might select nervous system depressants to shut down at the end of the day. Frequently, they use both. Women experience workplace and domestic pressure more acutely and often than men.

Therapists in our women’s rehab program look for this dynamic. You’ll undergo psychological assessments that help customize your care protocol. Dual diagnosis treatment might include:

  • Psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, or other co-occurring mental health disorders
  • PTSD or trauma treatment provides relief from intrusive emotions and unwelcome thoughts
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a way to overcome dysfunctional patterns with healthy ones
  • Family therapy allows loved ones to heal and rebuild trust
  • Mindfulness training, which helps you accept emotions without judgment and work with them

Many quality drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs include a fitness component. You don’t need to be at the top of your game to participate. However, it’s vital to make exercise a part of your recovery. It helps you practice a healthier lifestyle after discharge.

Similarly, there’ll be nutritional counseling. You’ll learn about the nutrients that you need to let your body heal and thrive. Most importantly, you find out how to counteract some cravings with nutritional choices. By focusing on your health in this way, you help fortify yourself against relapse.

Relapse Prevention Training

There may be hiccups along the way. That’s normal. Many women face unique challenges in society, and with hands-on social and life skills training in group therapy, you learn to anticipate triggers.

Therefore, you have an easier time dealing with them as they arise. Furthermore, you understand when to return to addiction rehab center after a relapse. By being honest with yourself and your peers, you learn what it takes to remain sober. Don’t wait to check into this type of facility today to overcome a substance abuse problem!

Contact United Recovery Project Today to Discover Your Treatment Options

At United Recovery Project, we provide expert treatment for those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Our luxury villas and mansions offer a comfortable treatment environment. While treatment in programs like our partial hospitalization program is co-ed, we maintain separate housing for men and women so they can work with their gender peers in a comfortable environment. Our women’s rehab program is designed to deliver the unique support women need to heal from addiction. With our treatment and addiction therapy program options, we can give you the support you need to overcome addiction. We provide a range of options, including:

  • Heroin addiction treatment
  • Cocaine addiction treatment
  • Opioid addiction treatment
  • Prescription drug addiction treatment

You deserve to put an end to your substance use. Our gender-specific treatment programs can help you attain that goal. Please reach out to United Recovery Project today at 888-960-5121 to learn more about our services.

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