Come to sunny South Florida for a luxury treatment program that feels a world apart from your average rehab facility. Our luxury residential rehabilitation center offers unique therapeutic options such as equine therapy. Our discreet individual and group therapy sessions allow patients to open up about their personal circumstances in a safe environment. The comforts offered by United Recovery Project aim to ease the process of recovery for patients who are determined to reclaim a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

Reach out to United Recovery Project today at 888-960-5121 to learn how our unique drug addiction rehab programs and alcohol addiction rehab programs create a rich environment for patients to achieve sobriety. We offer the following:

“United Recovery Project is definitely by far one of the best treatment facilities in the state of Florida and I am so privileged to be part of this amazing team. The dedication, caring, and support provided to clients on a daily basis is simply incredible. It is so rewarding to be part of an establishment that is truly focused and committed on saving and changing lives.”

– Ajmo

Why Choose United Recovery Project’s Treatment Programs

There are many options when it comes to substance abuse treatment programs. If you’re looking for a unique, personalized treatment experience, then United Recovery Project may be an ideal fit for you or your loved one.

Our clients are provided with high-end amenities so they can focus on establishing essential self-care tools necessary to maintain a sober lifestyle.

United Recovery Project offers unique comforts like equine therapy. You might be surprised to learn that horses can play a significant role in substance abuse treatment. Horses are sensitive to people’s emotional and mental states. This means they can reveal important information about changes in a patient’s mood. Equine therapy can assist our expert mental health practitioners in working with clients to develop the essential life skills for sober living.

Patients who come to United Recovery Project meet with highly trained medical professionals to develop a personal treatment plan tailored to their particular needs. Our patients expect the best, and we aim to go above and beyond.


Common Signs of Addiction

When substance abuse disorders progress from mild to severe, it can become more difficult to intervene. United Recovery Project is prepared to help patients showing any of the following common signs of addiction:

  • Prioritizing using and finding drugs or alcohol
  • Cravings
  • Increase in use
  • Loss of interest
  • Hiding amount of use
  • Tolerance
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Relationship issues
  • Lack of responsibility

If any of this sounds like you or someone, you love to reach out to United Recovery Project today at 888-960-5121 for information about how to begin the path to a better future.

“I am certain that URP saved my life. I came here broken and hopeless. I am now happier and healthier than I have been for as long as I can remember. The living facilities are beautiful and very comfortable. When not at the center I would be in the pool or going to the gym. We also took trips to the beach every weekend and occasional airboat rides in the Everglades. The staff is fantastic and very caring. They are all very involved in recovery and participate in recovery meetings all over south Florida. The owner is a very charitable person who gives to many causes both here and abroad. He and the rest of the staff practice the principals of recovery in all their affairs. I recommend URP to anyone who wants or needs help, this place turned my life around.”

– Mike

Structure and Recovery

United Recovery Project provides patients at any stage in the recovery process with tools they require to achieve long-term sobriety. Our South Florida location combines unique therapeutic tools such as equine therapy, art, and music therapy, with more traditional techniques like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

Inpatient treatment provides a routine to keep patients on the path to recovery. Days are purposely filled with activities to keep clients occupied and optimistic. Keeping busy helps patients focus on their recovery goals.

United Recovery Project assists patients in developing new routines and maintaining healthy habits. Creating new routines is an essential part of departing from self-destructive thoughts and behaviors. New routines developed at United Recovery Project can be carried over into sober living.

Sober living requires learning how to maintain a balanced lifestyle. The structure learned from time spent at United Recovery Project helps clients avoid traps on the road to maintaining sobriety.

Substance Abuse Treatment Options

Our facility offers a range of luxury treatment options for patients. We meet our patients at their stage in recovery, so our substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment programs are tailored to suit their needs. Programs and addiction therapy programs can include:

Group meetings

Group therapy is one of the most successful ways individuals can explore and express their issues and learn from the experiences of others while discovering how to be supportive. Group therapy encourages accountability and responsibility as it lays the foundation for creating a supportive community once treatment concludes.


Daily 12 step meetings

Variations on the 12 step program initially created by Alcoholics Anonymous has shown itself to be very effective for many people struggling with substance use disorder. Regular meetings and a structured environment that’s goal-orientated gives many in treatment the path to recovery they need.


Cognitive-behavioral therapy

CBT has become one of the most successful forms of psychotherapy or talk therapy used in addiction treatment and behavioral health programs to address mental health concerns like depression or anxiety. This therapy focuses on identifying and turning back negative self-image and misconceptions that lead to high-risk actions.


Creative therapies

More holistic therapeutic approaches may include art therapy or music therapy. These allow individuals to identify their issues clinically and explore them in a more personal, intimate fashion so they truly feel and understand their condition.


Relapse prevention education

While many people consider relapse to be some form of failure, it is not. Rather, relapse is part of managing the chronic disease that is addiction. Relapse doesn’t ruin or wipe away the progress an individual has made. Rather, it is a sign that a person needs more support or a booster to maintain sobriety. Our team helps clients develop a relapse prevention plan upon leaving treatment so there is always somewhere and someone to turn to if relapse occurs.


Life-skills training

For some struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol for a long time, certain social and professional skills have weakened or stalled out. With support from the team at United Recovery Project, we can help individuals rebuild their confidence and know-how about completing everyday activities that many take for granted.


Health, wellness, and fitness

Addiction is a disease that takes a physical toll on the body and mind. When this occurs, individuals need to work to restore their strength, immuno-health and improve their nutrition. Our holistic approach understands that health and wellbeing are intimately tied. In our programs, individuals have the opportunity to not only overcome withdrawal but to build their body’s systems back up as they learn and practice new healthy habits.


Partial-day programs

A partial hospitalization program or PHP is designed to give individuals both structure and freedom as they get treatment for their substance use disorder. For fixed blocks of time each day for several weeks, individuals come to our facility to receive treatment. This can include individual and group therapy sessions and participation in a variety of events and programs to help them learn how to manage and ultimately overcome their addiction.


Intensive outpatient program

An IOP is an effective addiction treatment program for those with a milder substance use disorder or who have already received treatment but, due to relapse, need support to get back to sobriety. In an IOP, individuals get the same high-quality treatment as in other programs but in a condensed fashion built around their schedule. This flexibility allows clients more privacy and the ability to continue to meet personal and professional obligations.


Sober living housing

After completing treatment, some individuals need more support to return to everyday living. For a variety of reasons, individuals may not want to return to triggering environments or relationships. When this is the case, a communal sober living home is an excellent option. It allows individuals to gradually re-establish themselves in the wider community while knowing they are supported and safe.

Make The Call to United Recovery Project to Change Your Life

United Recovery Project’s high-end substance abuse programs help clients find the way forward. We provide the complete spectrum of care including:

  • Medical Detox Program
  • Residential Treatment
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
  • Outpatient Rehab
  • Sober Living
  • Aftercare Program
  • Alumni Program

We also offer gender-specific rehab options so that men and women can get attention uniquely designed for their needs. Our addiction treatment programs also understand the specific challenges facing those in the LGBTQ community. Therefore, we provide treatment that is designed with these challenges in mind so that everyone in need feels comfortable reaching out for the support necessary to heal. Contact us at 888-960-5121, and trained medical professionals at our Sunshine State location in South Florida will provide you with information about a brighter future.