Now more than ever, individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction need new kinds of support so they can heal. Opioid addiction still continues to be at epidemic levels as millions struggle with addiction to prescription painkillers. This epidemic has lead to increases in heroin use and deaths as people attempt to self-medicate. Fortunately, there is support and more options than ever before, including a medical detox program and holistic detox program.

United Recovery Project offers a comfortable, luxurious, and safe environment to detox from drugs and alcohol in our beautiful environment. You will be surrounded by a team of knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate staff 24 hours a day while you gain the strength and clarity necessary to begin the recovery process at our luxury addiction treatment center.

Luxury Drug & Alcohol Detox Center

At United Recovery Project, all of our staff members are highly trained, and most have first-hand experience with drug addiction rehab, alcohol addiction rehab, and recovery.

Additionally, our Medical Director is a Double-Board-Certified Psychiatric and Medical Professional with several years of experience as a University Professor and a Certified Addictionlogist. Our luxury facility offers a holistic approach to detox and recovery that keeps each individual’s needs in mind. Our program includes the following:

  • Case management: Substance use disorder can lead to run-ins with law enforcement as well as domestic and personal issues. In these cases, our team provides support from start to finish. This includes assistance with legal issues, but also life skills retraining, job placement, and other support services. Overcoming addiction is just as much about treating its physical and mental aspects as it is about treating the social impacts.
  • Group therapy: One of the most useful forms of treatment are group sessions. These allow individuals to discover how they are not struggling in isolation, and that others have similar experiences. By sharing one’s experiences, clients learn how to not just explore and express themselves to better understand their condition but to listen and learn.
  • Individual therapy: Customized, one-on-one therapy is vital to overcoming substance use disorder. Our programs use a variety of talk therapy approaches like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) to help clients identify, cope with, and ultimately overcome their addiction.

At our luxury detox facility, clients will experience Tempurpedic beds to maximize their comfort and remove the stigmatizing, clinical feel most detox facilities have. We cater meals and provide access to a licensed nutritionist to make sure all residents get the most out of their stay. Leisure activities including ping pong, video games, television, and more

“I could go on and on and on about this treatment center. Never in my life did I think I would ever encounter such caring and professional individuals as I did at URP. They saved my life and changed it for the better. To say this place was a blessing for me is a major understatement. I would truly recommend this place to any person struggling with addiction. I am honored to be URP alum and I enjoy keeping contact with them regularly. They still check up on me every week to make sure I am ok. Im so very grateful for URP, the staff and the program they put together is phenomenal. Thank you so much!”

– Rene

Why Is Detox Necessary When Treating Addiction?

For many individuals, detoxification, or detox for short, is the first step in the journey towards recovery. It is very important to safely rid your body of the toxins associated with drugs and alcohol in a medically supervised environment at a substance abuse treatment center. United Recovery Project’s detox center offers medical supervision and caring staff that ensure you overcome your body’s physical substance dependency and get through the uncomfortable and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

While many individuals believe that at-home detox is the solution to their substance dependency, medical detox is safer, more comfortable, and far more effective than attempting to detox at home. Some typical withdrawal symptoms you may experience during the detox process at our facility include:

  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Sleep pattern disturbances (nightmares and insomnia)
  • Fatigue
  • Tremors
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Delirium Tremors (“the shakes”)
  • Seizures

Perhaps the most dangerous withdrawal symptom for those dealing with an alcohol use disorder is delirium tremens, commonly referred to as DT. Although it affects a small percentage of those struggling with alcohol addiction, it is a major health risk. DT can occur as early as 48 hours after ceasing use of alcohol and last for nearly a week. It involves profound confusion, autonomic hyperactivity, and cardiovascular collapse. When not caught early, delirium tremens can be fatal. This is why enrolling in a medically supervised alcohol detox program like United Recovery Project’s is necessary.

Our team of medical professionals monitor each client’s progress as they move through different stages of withdrawal. For many, although the process is uncomfortable, it will not lead to any serious medical complications. However, there is no reason to gamble with one’s life. Our team is able to identify health complications and treat them before they bloom into significant threats to one’s overall wellbeing.

Although these withdrawal symptoms seem daunting, there are medications our medical professionals can administer in a residential treatment setting to help reduce these symptoms and allow you to detox comfortably. The length of your detox will vary based on the types and amounts of the substances you have been using, and our staff will closely monitor you to ensure you are medically cleared safely and timely.

It is very important to detox in a safe, medically supervised environment due to the serious nature of many of the withdrawal symptoms. If you or a loved one struggles with substance abuse, always know that United Recovery Project is here to help. Our caring and professional medical staff will make you comfortable as your body begins to heal through detox. Our luxurious facilities will provide the environment necessary to cleanse your mind and body and forge your path towards recovery.

“This has been my third go around at rehab and I have to say this place has been not only the best one of been too, but I’m finally confident that it will be my last. I owe my life to URP and the amazing staff. I have zero complaints. Thank you URP!!!!!!”

– Mikala


Discover What United Recovery Project Has to Offer

United Recovery Project offers a unique environment to heal from addiction.

At United Recovery Project, we understand that the best way to heal is to feel safe in a welcoming and comfortable environment. Drug and alcohol detox and our addiction treatment programs are designed to make clients feel secure in themselves. We provide a luxury environment where individuals can work through their withdrawal symptoms, find the right treatment program to meet their unique needs, and rebuild their lives through innovative therapies.

Alongside drug and alcohol detox, we offer the full spectrum of care including:

Residential Treatment:

This inpatient treatment gives clients the opportunity to work through their substance use disorder without outside distractions or stressors.

Partial Hospitalization Program:

Our PHP delivers high-quality treatment built around the schedule of clients allowing them to come to our facility for a set block of hours each day but return to their home afterward.

Intensive Outpatient Program:

Similar to our PHP, our IOP offers flexibility. In a more condensed program, individuals come to our facility over a shorter period getting the same high-quality care but in a more focused manner allowing them to meet their personal and professional commitments. Our IOP delivers the treatment necessary but with minimal disruption to a client’s daily life.

Outpatient Rehab:

This stage of care provides ongoing support as individuals manage their chronic condition. Typically, this involves monthly check-ins either through one-on-one counseling or group therapy.

Sober Living:

For some, the transition back to everyday life can be a challenge filled with triggers and stressors. Our sober living program provides a transitional setting where individuals can gradually build their confidence, their familiarity with how to live in sobriety, and still have the support they need.

Aftercare and Alumni Programs:

The most successful recoveries are those where individuals are part of and contribute to a supportive community. Our aftercare and alumni programs are designed to help individuals connect with others after treatment so they can make a lasting recovery.

Call us, text us, chat with us, or email us anytime, day or night at 888-960-5121. We are always ready to speak with you on a confidential basis without any strings or obligations. Discover the clarity and well-being United Recovery Project’s detox center can provide you.