Bryan Alzate - The Hopeaholics Podcast

Welcome to the Hell Has an Exit Podcast

We are the #1 podcast on addiction recovery and mental health, chosen as a vital resource for those seeking support and guidance. Host, Bryan Alzate, knows this journey all too well. Addicted to crack and OxyContin at the age of 14, Bryan was lost and suicidal. But at 17, he found his exit from hell by getting clean and immersing himself in a 12-step program. Since then, Bryan has made it his mission to guide others toward their own exits from addiction’s grip.

On this show, Bryan delves deep into the emotional trenches, interviewing individuals who have waged similar battles. Their stories are raw, vulnerable, and uncut. These guests have faced trials that could have easily consumed them, yet they found the strength to break free and begin their journey towards redemption. If you’re looking for a podcast that provides insight and inspiration for those struggling with mental health or addiction, the Hell Has an Exit Podcast is a valuable resource of individuals sharing stories that may resonate with you.