Addiction robs a person of a great deal. That includes their health, mental wellbeing, relationships, and sometimes important life skills. What seems simple to other people, such as preparing meals and filling out a job application, is much more difficult for someone battling addiction. One component of the addiction therapy programs we offer at United Recovery project is a life skill training program. It is designed to give you back the tools you need to rebuild your future.

What Is a Life Skills Training for Addiction Program?

Addiction changes people in many ways. The type of supportive services you need may be different from someone else. Our goal is to determine which skills you need to relearn or gain strength in during your therapy. After a full assessment, we’ll help you determine what type of support you need. Some of the important life skills you’ll likely learn about include:

  • Communication skills: This includes learning to better express feelings, learning to say no, exploring better listening skills, and building conflict management skills. Many people also need to learn to be assertive and how to negotiate for what matters to them.
  • Self-awareness: Another core component of life skills training is to help a person better understand their own needs. Self-management skills can help a person to recognize the negative thought patterns they have to turn those around. It can also be helpful to learn relaxation skills.
  • Problem-solving: Everyone faces stress and turmoil during their lifetime. Problem-solving skills can help a person to overcome those struggles positively. This can help a person learn to identify more than one solution and make the best decisions.
  • Education: Some people need help with basic educational skills such as math skills to balance a budget or make decisions about saving. Others need help with reading and writing skills. Also important is learning to create a resume and interview for a job.
  • Health and wellness skills: Knowing how to manage your health and wellness needs is also an important part of overcoming addiction. Learning how to create balanced meals and getting exercise each day is important. Other areas include sleeping schedules.

What is difficult for you right now? In substance abuse treatment, you’ll learn to manage all of your needs better.

How to Know You Need a Life Skills Program

Many people facing drug and alcohol addiction treatment have no idea if they need a life skills training program. It’s hard to know what you’ve lost until you are no longer dependent on drugs or alcohol. It also helps to have mental health needs balanced. The goal here is to focus on getting addiction treatment first. Then, during therapy, you’ll learn more about the range of therapies that can help you.

At United Recovery Project, our team offers life skills training in all of our therapy and treatment programs, including:

With our life skills training available to you, know that it is there when you need it. It is often a component of the plan to help you re-establish your health and your future. We encourage you to learn more about our luxury treatment center and programs.

Explore the Treatment Options Available at United Recovery Project

No matter where you are right now in the path of addiction, finding a way forward means reaching out for help. Our professionals can offer a full life skills training program and numerous tools to help you rebuild a life you want to live. At United Recovery Project, we’re here to encourage and support you every step of the way. Call us at 888-960-5121 or connect with us online for support.