United Recovery Project provides patients at any stage in the recovery process with tools they require to achieve long-term sobriety. Top medical professionals in our luxury treatment programs guide patients on their personal path to recovery. Our private location offers unique therapeutic tools such as equine therapy. Creative techniques, including group therapy, art and music therapy, are available alongside more traditional cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

Lasting results are attainable. United Recovery Project’s unique and intensive program provides personalized care for those in need and a healing environment to recover in comfort. If you or your loved one suffers from substance addiction, call us today at 888-960-5121 for a confidential evaluation.

“I am so very thankful for my PHP at United recovery project. I thank God for this treatment center. The devoted, devout, professional, sincere, loving, caring staff of nurses, doctors, therapists, nutritionist, group workers,special workers, and case workers at the center. The creative meditations, yoga, well structured groups, and structured recreation were perfect. The residence and all the techs also top notch, leading with hope strength and encouragement. The owner taking time to share his hope strength and encouragement with each and every one his residents. Live and prayers to all Amen.”

– Jason

The Real Value of Luxury

United Recovery Project provides luxury amenities so that patients feel comfortable in their environment. This is an essential part of the recovery process. When patients feel comfortable, they understand they are in a safe space. Our recovery programs allow patients to feel secure so they can open up about their private circumstances. Honesty and receptivity are important aspects of allowing the therapeutic process to assist patients on their personal path to recovery.


Seeking Help for a Loved One

It’s never too late to find a substance abuse treatment program that will assist a patient in maintaining a healthy, sober lifestyle. We pride ourselves on developing specialized treatment programs that exceed expectations in counseling for addiction and mental health challenges.

When a patient comes to our facility, they can expect to meet with a therapist, psychiatrist, and a medical physician, who will help develop an individualized treatment plan tailored to meet their personal needs. This team approach helps provide a comprehensive treatment program that will consider mental and physical health to provide the most benefits for their well-being.

Learning about sober living
Relapse prevention education

You might be surprised to learn that horses can play a significant role in alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Horses are sensitive to people’s emotional and mental states. This allows horses to reveal important changes in a patient’s mood. Our expert mental health practitioners know how to assess this feedback properly. Therapists can integrate the feedback learned from equine therapy as they work with clients. This process helps patients as they develop life skills essential to maintaining sobriety.

“I was a client. United Recovery project is a great place. I would give it ten stars if possible. The staff is very caring and professional. The facilities are immaculate and the techs are great. The housing was very nice and immaculate. Bryan the CEO really cares about his clients. He will help you if you really want to get clean. I had a great experience there. Just know like everything else you have to put in the effort if you want to get clean. Thanks to all at United Recovery for your help and support”

– Ronald

Goals for Our Addiction Therapy Programs

Not everyone who comes to an addiction therapy program knows all the reasons why they are there on the first day. Understanding the specifics of a patient’s addiction and personal circumstances that have led them to substance abuse is an important part of the recovery process.

Treating addiction means cleansing both the mind and the body. A person suffering from addiction requires both mental health therapy and attention from an expert medical physician at a dual diagnosis treatment program. Healing both the mind and the body is essential on the path to recovery.

Learning skills to prevent relapse is an important goal of time spent in a holistic therapy program. To achieve a sense of well-being, patients need a space to find the headspace to free themselves from the allure of substances. A safe and comfortable environment helps patients find the essential perspective to understand the needed and deserved self-care.

Find a Better Tomorrow by Contacting United Recovery Project Today

United Recovery Project’s upscale therapy center in helps clients on their path to a better tomorrow. Find the confidence to contact us so we can provide the help you deserve. Reach out to our top medical professionals at 888-960-5121 to discuss treatment options that will help you or your loved one discover a healthy path forward.