Only 6.9% of males and 7.9% of females received treatment for their alcohol use disorder (AUD) within the last year. That’s an alarming statistic, considering that 14.5 million Americans suffer from AUD. Alcoholism doesn’t just affect you; it affects your family, co-workers, and those who share the road with you.

Alcoholism doesn’t just temporarily impair brain function – it causes long-term health conditions such as alcohol-related liver disease (ALRD) and chronic pancreatic inflammation. When you suffer from alcohol addiction, you often feel like you’ve lost control of your personal and professional life.

Here at United Recovery Project Florida, we provide customized detox, therapy, and sober living programs to help you recover from the symptoms of alcoholism and get on the path towards sobriety.

Understanding Alcohol Abuse


Alcohol abuse is widespread in the United States, with 22.2% of women and 25.8% of men reporting binge drinking within the last month. People turn to alcohol for various reasons – it relaxes them, reduces anxiety, promotes socialization, and helps them mask problems. Nevertheless, there’s a fine line between drinking casually and drinking dependently. Chronic alcoholism can lead to abysmal health issues – both physical and mental. From liver inflammation to high blood pressure, alcohol certainly takes a toll on the body.


There’s no harm in enjoying a drink with friends, but habitually drinking is a sign that you could be on the path towards alcohol addiction. Alcohol addiction doesn’t happen overnight – you build dependency over multiple stages:

  • Experimental and binge drinking
  • Drinking more frequently
  • Drinking to cope with problems
  • An attachment to alcohol
  • Alcohol addiction

The Signs of a Drinking Problem


A magnitude of physical and mental changes may indicate that you have a drinking problem. Keep in mind – this list isn’t all-inclusive, and not every alcoholic behaves the same. According to the Mayo Clinic, these are the most common alcoholism signs :

  • The inability to control how much you drink
  • Poor performance at school or work
  • Withdrawal symptoms if you don’t drink (i.e., sweating and nausea)
  • Constantly having the urge to drink
  • Difficulty reducing the number of drinks you consume
  • Needing increasingly more alcohol to feel the effects


Alcoholism Signs & Symptoms

The Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse


Alcoholism symptoms vary from person to person and range from mild to extreme. If you regularly abuse alcohol, you may experience the following side effects:

  • Changes in mood and behavior
  •  Liver inflammations, such as fibrosis and cirrhosis
  • Pancreatitis – a disorder that inflames your pancreas
  • High blood pressure and arrhythmias (an irregular heartbeat)
  • The risk of developing alcohol-associated cancer, including head and neck cancers
  • A weakened immune system that results in increased illness


Alcohol Abuse Statistics at a Glance


The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism maintains comprehensive facts and statistics about alcohol consumption in the United States. According to the most recent data:

  • 14.5 million people have alcohol use disorder (AUD).
  • Around 7.3% of adults with AUD received treatment in the last year.
  • 25.8% of individuals over 18 admitted to binge drinking in the last month.
  • Alcohol is the cause of approximately 18.5% of emergency-room visits. 
  • 10.5% of children live with a parent who has AUD.


Alcohol Addiction Treatment Options


United Recovery Project Florida has an extensive selection of treatment options for those battling alcohol addiction. We aim to provide personalized and attentive care in comfortable, state-of-the-art facilities. Our team of professionals strives to provide a warm and hospitable experience from day one.

Our alcohol addiction treatment options include:  


Medical Detox


If you’re struggling with alcoholism, the first step to recovery is alcohol detox. As a patient in our medical detox center, you’ll work with our team of skilled professionals to create a personalized plan for sobriety.  We help you detox from alcohol and reduce the discomfort and emotional and physical pain associated with the withdrawal process. Although most loathe withdrawal, we’re here to improve the experience. 


Holistic Detox


Our holistic alcohol detox program is a luxurious alternative to traditional medicinal detox. During your time at our holistic Florida detox center, you’ll begin your recovery journey through the means of nutrition coaching, fitness, and spirituality. Do not worry; our alcohol detox center has medication on hand, but it’s not the primary form of treatment. Throughout your detox, your body will get rid of toxins that trigger adverse side effects. 

Whether you choose medical or holistic detox, you’ll get to enjoy three catered gourmet meals daily.

Addiction Therapy Programs

We offer various forms of alcohol addiction therapy to meet the unique needs of our valued clients. You’ll meet with a therapist, medical physician, and psychiatrist to help you develop a tailored addiction therapy plan to achieve sobriety.

Inpatient Rehab

During inpatient rehab, clients live in gender-specific housing and attend our daily Co-ed Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). Each home boasts various recreational facilities, including a swimming pool, ping pong, and pool tables, and a quiet reading area. Our clients also get to participate in weekend activities, including trips to the beach, movie theater, and bowling alley.

Clients meet with an on-site medical doctor and psychiatrist to create a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan. Moreover, clients have frequent visits with their therapist throughout inpatient rehab and attend 12 Step meetings and daily group sessions. 


Outpatient Rehab


We also offer an outpatient alcohol rehab program for those that may not need inpatient rehab. Our outpatient rehab provides many of the same therapy options, including group therapy, 12 Step meetings, and one-on-one therapy sessions. During each therapy session, clients work on understanding themselves, the root causes of their addiction, and healing. Clients also strengthen their self-control and ability to cope with life without depending on alcohol. Outpatient rehab is often a popular choice for those not currently drinking and who live in a safe, alcohol-free environment. 


Sober Living


Jumping back into your day-to-day life after alcohol rehab can prove challenging for some. After rehab, you can stay at our sober living home to rebuild your life, stay away from temptations, and continue to receive customized treatment. 

You’ll be living with your peers who are working toward the same goal: sobriety. When you’re with individuals on the same journey, you have the opportunity to take extra time to develop a new understanding of how to have fun and live a fulfilling life while being sober.  Our sober living program gives you flexibility while encouraging you to stay on track.

Treat Alcoholism
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