Air Duster Addiction and Abuse

Air Duster Addiction and Abuse

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Drug addiction and abuse come in many different forms. People often think of drug addicts as adults who are addicted to heroin or cocaine, but in reality, there is so much more to drug abuse. In fact, many common household products and prescription medications can be abused. One example of this is the can of air duster you probably have sitting by your computer. While most people use air duster as a cleaning product, more and more people are using it as an inhalant to get high. Learn more about air duster drug use and abuse below as well as how to help someone that is abusing air duster.

What is Air Duster?

Air duster is a common cleaning product also referred to as “dusting gas” or “canned air.” Air duster is helpful for cleaning and dusting sensitive electronic equipment when you cannot use other types of chemicals. This cleaning product sends a pressurized blast into different equipment, such as a computer vent or keyboard to remove dirt and dust.
While people refer to air duster as canned air, there is more than just air in the container. Air duster also includes chemicals like refrigerants or propellants. This makes it dangerous to breathe in too much air duster. Learn more about this below.

How People Use Air Duster as a Drug

While drugs are classified in different ways, the National Institute of Drug Abuse defines inhalants as household products used to get high or alter the mind. Air duster is a common inhalant used by kids and teens. When inhaled, this product replaces the oxygen in your lungs, which produces the effect of feeling high. An air duster high starts almost immediately after a person breathes it in; however, it also fades just as quickly. This means that users must repeatedly inhale air duster to keep their high going.
While air duster may seem relatively harmless, the chemicals found in this product, actually make it very dangerous. Using air duster has both short and long-term effects, and in extreme cases, has also led to death. Learn more about the addictiveness of this drug below, as well as how to find help for air duster addiction and abuse.

Is Air Duster Addictive?

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Air duster addiction is not super common, but it definitely happens to people. When someone uses a drug repeatedly, they can develop a psychological addiction to the drug even if they do not form a physical addiction. Psychological addiction makes the person crave the feeling of being high because that feeling is better than how they normally feel.
How can you tell that someone may be using or addicted to air duster? People abusing or addicted to this drug will display behavioral signs, as well as physical signs. Behavioral signs can include mood swings, appetite loss, and change in behavior. Physical signs may appear as changes in personal hygiene or signs of inebriation. Additionally, multiple empty cans of air duster are a tell-tale sign of this drug abuse. Addicts who stop using air duster will also start to showcase withdrawal symptoms including appetite loss, sweating, nausea, and insomnia. When you feel like a loved one is abusing air duster or other inhalants, you must get them help. Read on to learn more.

Finding Help for Air Duster Addiction

Air duster abuse and addiction can happen to anyone; however, it is most common for teens to use household products as inhalants to get high. When you feel like your teen is doing this, you should address the problem and get them help for their drug use as soon as possible.
At United Recovery Project, we provide many different services to help with drug addiction and abuse. We offer medical detox program, inpatient rehabs, and outpatient rehabs, as well as other therapies and programs. While it is easy to say that drug use will just pass, this is usually not the case and it can have extremely negative health effects. Using and abusing air duster and other drugs is often a sign that other issues are going on, so it is essential to address the drug abuse and get your loved one help.
Reach out to us at United Recovery Project for answers to all your questions about drug abuse. Our team of experts is always happy to provide you with guidance on how to help your loved one through their struggles with drug abuse and addiction. Contact us today to start the healing process.

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Alfenta or Alfentanil Addiction Treatment and Rehab Programs

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Opioids are causing a lot of addiction and overdoses in the United States. Alfenta is an opioid drug used for pain relief or as an anesthetic. While this drug is regulated and requires a prescription, many people still abuse it because of its addictiveness.

When you know someone who is addicted to alfenta or alfentanil, you must try to get help. There are alfentanil addiction treatment centers that can help addicts get and stay sober. Learn more about this drug and treatment for it below.

What is Alfenta or Alfentanil?

Alfenta is often used as an anesthetic to keep people asleep during surgery, as well as to control pain. Because it is an opioid, it is highly addictive. While it is an analogue of fentanyl, it is not nearly as potent; however, it does have an onset that is four times faster than that of fentanyl.

Learn more about alfenta addiction treatment and medical detox below.

Medical Detox for Alfentanil Addiction

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When someone is addicted to alfenta or alfentanil, it is not as simple as just quitting the medication. The use of this drug can cause physical dependence, which can lead to withdrawal symptoms when the person stops taking the drug. Withdrawal symptoms can range from uncomfortable to severe, which makes unsupervised detox dangerous. Anyone detoxing from a drug like alfenta should do so under strict medical supervision.

Medical detox through a rehab facility is truly the only safe way to detox from alfenta. At a rehab facility, medical professionals will supervise your detox and help with the withdrawal symptoms. After completion of medical detox, most patients participate in an inpatient or outpatient rehab program.

A Typical Day at Inpatient Rehab for Alfenta Addiction

Inpatient rehab is the most common option for alfenta addiction treatment. As an inpatient rehab patient, you would stay at the rehab facility 24/7 for several weeks. During inpatient rehab, addicts work through many different therapies and programs. Read on below for more information on what you can expect from a typical day in a drug and alcohol rehab program for alfenta addiction.

  • Healthy Meals – Each day of inpatient rehab will start with a healthy breakfast. It is important for you to begin to build healthy habits, and this starts with healthy meals. You will also begin your days at inpatient rehab fairly early with breakfast at 7 or 8 to make time for the day filled with different programs and activities.
  • Physical and Mental Practices – During inpatient rehab, many facilities offer various physical exercise programs like yoga or mental practices like meditation. These exercises are another way to replace old patterns with healthy habits and develop coping strategies that you can use instead of returning to negative habits of drug use.
  • Individual Therapy – Another large part of inpatient therapy for alfenta addiction will be individual therapy, which is essential to rehab because it will help you understand what caused your addiction in the first place. You will get to know your addiction and yourself better so that you can start to build the life you truly want to have. Individual therapy will help you build up the mental muscles to beat your addiction.
  • how to be happy after opiate addiction

    Group therapy

    Group TherapyGroup therapy allows a group of addicts to share their stories when it comes to working through their addiction and overcoming it. This is a great way to get support from your peers and become more open about your struggles. Group therapy also shows an addict that they are not alone in their addiction. Other people have struggled in the past as well, but they are working through it and so can you.

  • Art or Music Therapy – Another activity that may be involved in your days at rehab is art or music therapy. These types of therapies are good for those that are not great at expressing emotions. Studies show that music and art make it easier to express what you feel when you don’t have words to do so.
  • Family Therapy – Some of your days at inpatient rehab may also include family therapy. This is when your family gets a chance to come in and do a therapy session with you. During this session, your family will learn more about your struggles with addiction, and you will learn about what they are going through, as well. Addiction never just affects one person; it also always affects the family and friends of the addict.
  • Social Support from Patients and Staff – One huge advantage to choosing inpatient rehab is that it offers you support and supervision 24/7. Over the course of your treatment, you will have cravings for drugs and want to take drugs, but the supportive environment of rehab will help you overcome those feelings. In contrast, when you are at home or out in the world, it is much harder to resist those cravings.

Now that you know a little bit more about inpatient rehab for alfenta addiction, you may be wondering how you can pay for alfenta addiction treatment. Learn more about that below.

Paying for Alfenta Addiction Treatment

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When you need rehab, the last thing you should have to worry about is where you will get the money to pay for it.  Unfortunately, this is a concern for many people. Luckily, there are health insurance providers that cover some or all of a rehab visit. Reach out to your insurance company to see what you plan covers. Additionally, there may be other ways to pay for your rehab as well.  The best way to find out is to contact the facility itself and learn more about your options.

United Recovery Project is an alfenta addiction treatment center. We can help you or a loved one that is struggling with alfenta addiction. We personalize our treatment to help each individual get what they need out of treatment, and we can answer any questions you have about paying for treatment when you reach out to us.

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