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United Recovery Project Alumni Program

Drug and alcohol addiction is not only very damaging to the addict, but it’s also detrimental to the person’s loved ones.¬† These addictions eventually destroy every area of the person’s life. His/her brain cells become damaged. The physical health starts to deteriorate in various ways with the liver, blood sugar, and so forth. Alcohol and drug abuse also negatively affects the mental health. Nevertheless, there are wonderful drug rehab programs with successful addiction recovery rates. They have worked well from monitored detoxification to drug rehab alumni programs.

With top-quality addiction recovery programs, the patient’s holistic health is dealt with. Also, their loved ones are also assisted therapeutically and educationally to restore their relationships with their loved ones who are recovering addicts and to support these patients. Also, drug rehab alumni programs are one of the best ways for recovering addicts to remain in sobriety.

What Exactly is an Alumni Program for a Drug Rehab Center?

An alumni program is a sobriety and aftercare living program for those who have finished drug treatment and a drug rehab program. To remain strong physically, mentally, and spiritually, these programs are highly recommended. Alumni programs are becomingly a more popular option of aftercare for those needing the confidence to transition back in their lives.

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United Recovery Project Alumni Program

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How Our Florida Drug Rehab Alumni Program Keeps You Connected

The alumni program at URP helps recovering addicts stay connected to the recovery community in various ways:

  • Graduates will be involved in national events to meet and share their stories with each other.
  • These programs assist graduates in finding important recovery resources and local support groups.
  • Graduates could also be supportive and provide encouragement to former grads who may have struggled with recovery.
  • Facebook Live videos on private group chats, so those who are not in the South Florida area can still join the monthly alumni meetings.
  • Lastly, alumni programs reinforce the importance of remaining in touch with treatment staff throughout the recovery journey.

The United Recovery Project Alumni Program

United Recovery Project, is a drug and alcohol rehab program based in Hollywood, FL. We have a proud record of patients recovery and remaining in recovery with our alumni program. Clients can participate in monthly alumni meetings, special events, the alumni newsletter and stay connected with the URP Alum Facebook page.

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