is heroin a stimulant or a depressant

Is heroin a stimulant? As an opioid, heroin is a central nervous system depressant. That means it works to reduce the function of the brain and the related components of the central nervous system. As a result of this, it can help to make a person feel less pain and, in some situations, feel calm and euphoric. This can prove to be addictive over time. That’s why many people need heroin addiction treatment. United Recovery Project can help you get through treatment and on to a healthy future.

How Does Heroin Impact Your Brain?

When a person uses heroin, the opioid works to turn off some of the pain signals that travel from the body to the brain. That’s why, as an opioid, heroin can be a drug people use who become used to prescription drugs. Heroin is more addictive and more powerful than drugs such as morphine. The drug also causes a person to feel less anxious. Some people use this drug to get high because of the euphoria it creates. That stems from the way heroin interacts with the opioid receptors in the brain that control pleasure sensations.

Do You Need Heroin Detox?

As a highly addictive drug, heroin detox may be a necessary first step for those who are hoping to stop using this drug for good. Because of the way the drug triggers the pleasure center of the brain, it becomes critical to work through the detox process. The problem is, detox can be intense with a number of withdrawal symptoms. You may need detox if you experience:

  • Muscle and body pain when not using heroin
  • Intense cravings for the drug when not using it
  • The need to use more heroin over time because you get used to it
  • Intense emotional stress and mood swings from not using it
  • Agitation and even paranoia when not using it

Using a detox center is critical. When heroin withdrawals are intense, medications are available to minimize that feeling. These medications may help you to work through the intensity of what you’re facing. They may help you reduce the risk of relapse.

What You Can Expect in a Heroin Addiction Treatment Center

Once you work through detox, you’ll still need time to maintain your mental health and build strength up. You’ll also need to learn how to manage stress, work through trauma, and get help for underlying mental health disorders that may be holding you back from living a healthy lifestyle. During treatment, you’ll gain help for all of this through a range of treatment programs and therapies.

At United Recovery Project, we offer a wide range of evidence-based and holistic therapies designed to support full-body, mind, and spirit healing. Our team works closely with you to ensure your needs are met no matter what they are.

Some of the therapies that help you to rebuild during this process include:

  • Art therapy programs
  • Equine therapy programs
  • Nutrition therapy programs
  • Holistic therapy programs
  • Music therapy programs
  • Life skills training

With our heroin detox center in Florida, you’ll have a safe place to work through addiction. We help you manage the pain and discomfort you may feel from heroin withdrawals. At the same time, we provide the skills you need to fully recover from addiction’s damage and build a healthy future.

Experience Life-Changing Healing at United Recovery Project

If you are ready to embrace a heroin detox center in South Florida, United Recovery Project offers exactly what you need to have the strength to move through this difficult time. Our team offers a comprehensive heroin rehab, one that’s designed to provide you with numerous tools to support your even most complex challenges. Learn more when you call us at 888-960-5121 or connect with us online now.