can heroin withdrawals kill you

Heroin is a highly addictive substance that can change the function of the brain within a matter of weeks. This drug creates dependence, which leads to intense heroin withdrawals. When a person is engaged in consistent use of dangerous drugs, utilizing a heroin detox program is critical to ensure success and minimize the risk of complications associated with the withdrawal process. United Recovery Project encourages you not to go through this process alone with outstanding help and support is available to you today.

What You May Experience During Heroin Withdrawals

The type of experience you have is likely to differ from others. Many factors play a role in what you will experience during withdrawal, such as the length of time you’ve used, the amount you are using, and previous relapse experiences. Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms a person using heroin may have include:

  • Vomiting and nausea, sometimes intense and long-lasting
  • Seating and body twitching that’s uncontrollable
  • Stomach cramping and pain
  • Muscle and bone pain throughout the body
  • Insomnia
  • Mental anguish, mood swings, and paranoia

Will heroin withdrawal kill you? Most often, withdrawing from opioids is not going to kill you. However, complications can arise during the process, putting you at risk for mental or physical distress. Some people, especially those who are not in heroin rehab, may experience life-threatening complications.

What Makes a Heroin Detox Program the Better Option, Then?

Detoxing in a safe place where medical support is available is critical to avoiding the worst symptoms and minimizing the chances of death. Let’s be clear. Every time you use heroin, you’re putting your life on the line. What’s different about detox is that you’ll finally be able to work through the intensity in a controlled environment where doctors are there to support you.

The secondary benefit of heroin detox is that it’s more likely to succeed. Many of the deaths attributed to heroin relate to overdose. When a person tries to stop using heroin at home on their own, the withdrawal symptoms are so difficult to manage that they simply cannot stay clean. They may begin using heroin again shortly after. However, their body is no longer used to the high doses of the drugs they were taking. This leads to overdose and fatalities.

A Heroin Addiction Treatment Center in South Florida Can Change That

It may seem as though the risks are stacked against you right now. It’s most certainly difficult to manage the process of withdrawing. Yet, in a heroin detox center, there’s support for you. That includes medications to minimize the pain and discomfort you feel. Those medications can also ease the symptoms and cravings you have so much so that you can work through the process of detoxing. You’ll have mental and physical help available to support the process as well.

At United Recovery Project, our goal is to create a safe place for you to detox where you feel supported and empowered. Here, you’ll be able to effectively work past the withdrawal to create more stability for yourself and your future. Learn more about our luxury treatment programs:

  • Addiction therapy programs
  • Drug detox programs
  • Residential treatment programs
  • Partial hospitalization treatment programs
  • Intensive outpatient treatment programs
  • Outpatient treatment programs

Take the First Step in Care – Call United Recovery Project Today

Heroin withdrawals are intense, but they don’t have to put you at risk for complications and pain. Instead, check into our heroin detox center in Florida to start on a path towards clean living without complications. At United Recovery Project, we offer a wide range of tools and services to support your recovery from addiction. Let us work with you today. Call 888-960-5121 or connect with our team online right now.

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