Drug Rehab in Missouri

The state of Missouri is well-known for a lot of reasons. This state is home to Anheuser-Busch and Budweiser as well as being extremely well-known for its BBQ. Missouri was also the home of Mark Twain—one of America’s favorite writers. This state is also known for the city of St. Louis and the famous Gateway Arch.

There are a lot of things to love about Missouri, but there are also places in Missouri that struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Learn more about the substance abuse in Missouri below.

Missouri Drug Abuse Statistics

While not everyone may know it, there is a substance abuse problem in Missouri that is quite significant. On one study, Missouri ranked second in the country for its drug use. There has been a rise in meth use as well as opioid abuse. Check out some of the specific statistics below related to Missouri drug use and abuse.

As you can see, there are many people in Missouri struggling with addiction or substance abuse. That is why drug rehabilitation facilities for Missouri residents are so important.

Types of Drug Rehabilitation

Those with substance abuse and substance use disorders often need to find help to beat their addiction. That help can come in the form of a drug or alcohol rehabilitation facility. Check out some of the different types of drug rehab options below.

  • Detox Program – Some people might think of drug rehab and drug detox as the same thing, but they are not exactly. Yes, a detox program is necessary for successful rehab, but rehab goes beyond just the detox period. A detox period typically lasts five to seven days, but it can be longer depending on the person. A detox is necessary for rehab, and it can be great to do a detox in a rehab facility because you have supervision and help. If you do a detox in a rehab facility, you will be supervised by medical professionals so that they can help with your withdrawal symptoms. After detox is complete, you can do a rehabilitation program.
  • Inpatient Programs – An inpatient drug rehab program describes a program where you live at the rehab facility while you are completing the program. An inpatient program is 24 hours a day so that there is always support and assistance. During this type of drug or alcohol rehabilitation, you will have different therapies, support groups, and other programs to help you understand your addiction so that you can avoid relapse in the future. An inpatient program is known to be one of the more successful types of rehab because there is little to no chance of relapsing during the program. You will not have any access to drugs or alcohol, so you will be able to focus on recovering from your addiction, and you will always have support and supervision. Inpatient programs are great because you can get away from the environment you were in when you started your addiction.
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs – Another type of alcohol and drug rehab is called an outpatient program. Outpatient programs are when you do not live at the rehab facility, but instead, you go home at night. An intensive outpatient program describes a program where patients come and spend the majority of their days at a rehab facility, but they go home at night. These types of programs are good for those that need a lot of structure, but might have a good support system at home.
  • Partial Day Programs – Another type of outpatient program is a partial day program. This program is the most flexible, and it can allow people to continue to work while they complete the program. This program only requires you to come in to a rehab facility on at a specific scheduled time during part of the day or a couple days a week. This program is less stringent.

Those are the main types of drug rehabilitation programs. There are other types of programs and some of these programs can be customized depending on the drug rehabilitation facility you choose to go to. Learn more about drug and alcohol treatment rehab facilities below.

Alcohol Treatment and Rehab Facilities for Those in Missouri

United Recovery Project offers a great option for an inpatient rehab facility. Our facility is located in Florida, but we welcome people from everywhere including Missouri. If you have a drug or alcohol use problem, and you want to get away from your environment to a great rehab facility, you can come to United Recovery Project.


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