Cocaine Withdrawal Signs and Treatment

Cocaine is a stimulant drug that can be highly addictive. This drug can cause a lot of damaging effects to your physical and psychological health, but it can also be acocaine abuse symptoms hard drug to quit once you are addicted. If someone stops cocaine after they have been using it for a while, they will experience symptoms of withdrawal. These withdrawal symptoms are hard to navigate, and they often result in the person starting to use cocaine again.
However, if people seek help from a cocaine rehab facility, they are much more likely to get over their cocaine withdrawal and detox successfully from this drug. Facilities like United Recovery Project will help people detox and get clean from drugs like cocaine. When people try to stop cocaine by themselves, they often struggle to do so, but with help, they can get the recovery they need.
Below, you can learn a little bit more about cocaine withdrawal symptoms and a general timeline for cocaine withdrawal. If you know someone that is experiencing symptoms of cocaine withdrawal, you should encourage them to get help from medical professionals at a rehab facility.

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

When someone uses a drug over a period of time, their body becomes used to having the drug in their system. This habit of drug use creates a dependence, and it can actually change the body both physically and mentally. That means after someone stops use of that drug, the body will experience symptoms of that change, which is called withdrawal.
Here are some symptoms of cocaine withdrawal:

  • Exhaustion
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Unpleasant Dreams
  • Increased Appetite
  • Muscle Aches
  • Tremors
  • Chills
  • Strong Desire for Sleep

Cocaine withdrawal can last a long time depending on the frequency of use and the length of dependence on the substance. It can also be hard to take on cocaine withdrawal alone because this drug can create and exacerbate mental health issues and disorders. This is because cocaine has a big effect on the brain and its chemistry whenever you take this drug; then, when you stop taking the drug, it can be hard to deal with the changes in your brain. That means many people turn back to cocaine to avoid the withdrawal symptoms. However, you can find a detox and treatment rehab facility that can help you safely detox and overcome your addiction.

Cocaine Withdrawal Timeline

The exact timeline of cocaine withdrawal depends on the person and the length of their cocaine use. Actually, there are a variety of factors that can affect the cocaine withdrawal timeline. Some of these factors include the length of use, average dose used, mental health issues, and the environment that the person is in. For example, someone who has been using cocaine for longer at a higher dose, will have longer and more intense withdrawal symptoms. However, you can check out a general cocaine withdrawal timeline below.

  • The Crash – This is the first phase of cocaine withdrawal. It often occurs a few hours up to a few days after cocaine use. This phase consists of exhaustion, depression and restlessness.
  • Continued Withdrawal– This phase can last from one week after cocaine use all the way up to ten weeks. While you will start to feel slightly physically better, it can be tough emotionally during this phase, and cravings for cocaine will be pretty intense.
  • Extinction– This phase can go on for months, and it involves some pretty intense cravings for cocaine. This phase can last months depending on the severity of addiction and use.

Now that you understand better understand cocaine withdrawal symptoms and a general cocaine withdrawal timeline, you can learn more about how to detox from cocaine below.

How to Detox from Cocaine

Detoxing from cocaine is not easy. This process can have many different physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms as discussed above. People can also often be tempted to self-medicate with other drugs to help with their detox and withdrawal symptoms. However, this can be very dangerous. The only safe and healthy way to detox is following a medical detox from a reputable rehab program. This type of detox will ensure that you are supervised as you go through detox symptoms and it will help you be sure to get sober safely. Learn more about the general steps in detoxing and how to detox from cocaine below.

  • Seek Help– The first step is to seek help. You will want to seek help from medical professionals or a rehab facility. This rehab facility will have different steps and programs in place to be sure you can detox safely and successfully. It will also help you be successful in the recovery process.
  • Get Evaluated– After you seek help at a rehab facility, you will likely be evaluated before you start the detox process. This evaluation will check up on your physical as well as your mental state so that the rehab facility and medical professionals can help you be more successful in your recovery process.
  • Follow the Medically Approved Detox– After the evaluation, your doctors will come up with a detox plan for you to go through. You will then follow this plan to get you detoxed and sober. However, you will be supervised throughout the detox process, so the doctors can change different parts of the detox process if they deem it necessary. When you go through a detox process at a rehab facility like United Recovery Project, you can ensure you have great medical supervision and people looking out for your comfort and well-being. You will be fed and hydrated, and you may even get some detox medication to help out with the process to help you with your withdrawal symptoms.
  • Continue with Rehab and Treatment– After you have completed your medical detox and you are sober, you can continue with rehab and treatment to remain that way. Rehab is more than just detoxing. Rehab helps set you up with coping strategies to remain free from addiction and abuse for the rest of your life. The rehab and treatment after detox can help address how your addiction started and how to avoid going back to it in the future.

Detoxing from cocaine can be a dangerous process because there are a lot of negative withdrawal symptoms. However, if you seek out a rehab facility to help you detox safely, it could be the best decision you make for your life.

Seeking Cocaine Detox and Treatment Options

Mens Villa Back ViewThere are a lot of treatment and recovery facilities out there for those struggling with cocaine use and abuse. Choosing the right facility is important to getting and staying sober. United Recovery Project is a great cocaine rehab facility because we create a customized rehab program for each individual client. After evaluating each individual’s needs, we come up with a detox and treatment program that will get them sober. Click here to learn more about treatment options at United Recovery Project.


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