Depression and anxiety can be both the cause and the effect of an alcohol or drug problem

Depression and anxiety can be both the cause and the effect of an alcohol or drug problem, creating a vicious cycle that only rehabilitation centers can reverse. Though it’s not always the case, depression and anxiety can be a major factor in substance abuse, worsening an already difficult situation. The combination of substance abuse and mental health issues is called a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis. Dealing with the symptoms of substance abuse, along with the symptoms of a mental health disorder, is overwhelmingly complicated.
Though the symptoms of each are unique to their respective source, mental health disorders and substance abuse usually react to one another, making both worse than they would be alone. When you or someone you know is suffering from a dual diagnosis like this, rest assured you’re not alone. According to reports published in the Journal of the American Medical Association:

  • About 50% of people with mental illness are affected by substance abuse.
  • 37% of alcohol abusers and 53% of drug abusers also have at least one mental illness.
  • Of the people diagnosed with a mental illness, 29% abuse either alcohol or drugs.

As you can see, many people are struggling with this problem and are overwhelmed by the demons they face daily. When you love someone who has this problem or are dealing with it yourself, there is something you can do. Learn how to recognize when you or a loved one is struggling with both substance abuse and mental illness and how drug treatment centers like United Recovery Project can help.

Recognizing Substance Abuse and a Co-occurring Mental Health Problem

When dealing with both mental illness and a drug or alcohol problem, it is often difficult to determine where the symptoms of one problem end and the other begins. Signs vary depending on the type of mental health problem you’re struggling with and the kind of drugs being abused. Some general signs to look for when you believe you have a co-occurring disorder are:

  • You are using drugs or alcohol to deal with emotions, lessen pain, avoid something that scares you, or stay focused
  • You feel anxious or depressed after abusing drugs or alcohol
  • Mental health problems or substance abuse run in your family
  • You feel the effects of your mental health issues even when you’re sober
  • You experienced trauma or abuse

Dealing with a mental health problem or alcohol and drug use alone is frightening and difficult. Unfortunately, it is common for those struggling with both to deny that they have a problem. The first step in finding recovery is admitting that you need help. While it is scary to admit you have a problem, those who want to help you won’t judge you or make you feel ashamed.

Inpatient Drug Rehab at United Recovery Project

Inpatient Drug Rehab at United Recovery Project

When depression and anxiety, substance abuse, or the combination of both are interfering with your ability to function, an inpatient substance abuse treatment program is the answer. Residential rehab allows you to focus entirely on your program, giving you access to the advice and professional attention of medical experts, and allowing you to participate in the latest therapy methods. United Recovery Project offers clients the chance to address all of their struggles in a beautiful South Florida setting, located minutes from the beach. Our intake specialist will help you through your first day when you arrive, and medical professionals such as a doctor and a psychiatrist will establish a customized treatment plan for you. You’ll also meet with a therapist and attend group sessions daily. When you participate in our inpatient program, we provide you with three meals daily and fun activities on the weekend. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for recovery. That’s why we allow our clients to participate in our residential rehab program for as long as they need. Because our treatment is customized, there is no struggle that we can’t address.

“Bryan Alzate, a Man With His Own Success Story”

Don’t Live in Florida? No Problem

Though we currently only have one location in Hollywood, Florida, United Recovery Project welcomes many of its clients from locations all over the country. Studies show that traveling can help boost your recovery, open your mind to new possibilities, and increase your chances of completing a recovery program. At our luxury drug and alcohol rehab center, we’ll help set you up for a life of success and confidence with the tools you need to cope and avoid future relapse. Additionally, no matter where you go after graduating from our facility, we will continue to support you through our alumni program where you’ll have access to supportive contacts anytime you need them. Contact one of our treatment consultants today to make the first step toward your recovery.

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