Before you decide to enroll in any rehab center, it’s best to be realistic about the results. Every patient is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the struggles of drug and alcohol abuse. When you’re serious about recovering, your chances of success are automatically higher. Having an optimistic attitude while being surrounded by people that want to see you succeed and will support you during your journey will help you immensely. Drug rehab centers like United Recovery Project offer specialized care that you often don’t have access to elsewhere. The location of our facility alone increases your chances for success if you are traveling from out of state. In Hollywood, Florida, you’ll be surrounded by sunshine, palm trees, and caring people who won’t judge you for your past.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Success Statistics

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Success Statistics

Success statistics are difficult to come by since the vast majority of people who need drug rehab don’t have access to it or don’t seek it out. It may be that they are in denial, have had bad experiences with rehab facilities in the past, or think that they can’t afford it. Whatever the reason is for not seeking treatment, people with drug addictions shouldn’t be forced into rehab by friends or family members. When people gain access to a treatment center that is right for them and do so of their own free will, their success rates are high. After beginning treatment, studies show that some patients reduced their use rate by 90%. Success rates differ depending on the type of drug, but most inpatient treatment programs have a 65% completion rate in comparison to a 35% completion rate for outpatient therapy. Numbers can give you a general idea, but no one can predict your personal outcome but you. However, people really can change, and at United Recovery Project, we witness that transformation every day.

Effective Drug Treatment

Bryan Alzate, a man with his own success story, founded United Recovery Project. In a 2017 article by The Huffington Post, he talks about his experience and what contributed to the methods of United Recovery Project.
“‘I was addicted to crack cocaine and OxyContin at the age of 14 and got clean and stayed clean at the age of 17,’ he said. ‘I went to an adolescent program for six months, and I felt the staff at this program didn’t really know how to deal with severe drug addiction, especially at my age.’ According to Alzate, no one working at the adolescent program facility was in recovery. To him this was a disadvantage since he felt he needed someone to talk to that went through what he was going through. The struggle continued until Alzate was able to enter into the twelve-step program for drug addiction recovery.”
Later on in life, Alzate created a drug rehab center that uses evidence-based practices to ensure effective drug treatment. According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, drug rehab efficacy is determined by the following:

    • Decrease in drug use-Including using drugs and alcohol less frequently or less of the substance each time, longer periods of time between relapses, and complete abstinence.
    • Employment Eligibility-Getting a job, working more hours or becoming qualified through school and/or training

You can depend on United Recovery

  • Education-Going to school more often, following up on assignments and getting higher grades.
  • Improved Relationships-Better communication and overall relationships with friends, family, significant others, and acquaintances.
  • Better Physical and Mental Health-Less visits to the ER and hospital, taking better overall care of yourself, improved mood, and higher cognition levels.
  • Improved Legal Situation– A decrease in crimes committed, as well as fewer arrests and convictions.
  • Increased Public Safety-Less harm done to yourself and others around you.

“Bryan Alzate, a Man With His Own Success Story”

United Recovery Project

Searching for drug rehab that works

When you’re searching for drug rehab that works, you can depend on our wonderful facility. You’ll get the most out of our programs because they are customized to you individually. People that have been where you are now will be there to help you and support you, as well as medical professionals and therapists who know what you need. If you don’t live in Florida, that’s no problem. We accept all who wish to enroll in our program and even have travel consultants who can ensure your safe arrival. Take the opportunity to experience drug and alcohol rehab somewhere new, free from negative influences and familiar distractions that may trigger relapse. Through our customizable treatment plans and the latest in a variety of therapy methods, we’ll set you up for a lifetime of confidence and success. We understand that healing is a lifelong process, which is why we are always there for you even after you graduate our program. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step toward recovery.

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