United Recovery: Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Alabama

Many people in the United States and around the world struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, and unfortunately, the majority of them do not know how to stop or slow their dependence on or abuse of these substances. However, there is hope through drug and alcohol rehab centers.
Drug and alcohol rehab centers allow people to get the resources they need to stop their dependence on drugs and alcohol. Both rehab centers and sober living homes in Alabama can help those that are struggling.
United Recovery is one of these drug and alcohol rehab centers. Our treatment plan is specifically designed to help each client overcome their individual obstacles regarding addiction. While our program is intensive, it can really assist those that are seeking help with overcoming substance abuse and addiction.

The Importance of Alcohol Rehab Centers

Located in the southeast United State, Alabama is bordered by Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Mississippi. The state of Alabama is known as the Cotton state, but it is also known for many other things as well. Alabama workers built the first rocket that sent humans to the moon, and this state is the largest supplier of cast-iron and steel pipe products. There are many great things about Alabama, but like many other states across the country, it has some issues with drug and alcohol abuse.
Per the Behavioral Health Barometer, in 2013-2014, over 5% of Alabama’s population was dependent on alcohol or abused alcohol. Additionally, statistics show that during the same period, 2.6% of the state’s population was dependent on or abused illicit drugs. These percentages amount to 233,000 and 107,000 people, respectively.
This dependence and abuse of alcohol and drugs mean that there is a need for alcohol and drug rehab centers in Alabama. Rehab centers can be a great thing for many people as they offer a lot of advantages over trying to get sober alone, including:

  • Safe Environment– Alcohol rehab centers are beneficial because they provide people with a safe environment to detox and get sober, where they are surrounded by plenty of experienced professionals who know how to handle symptoms of withdrawal and provide medical help for those recovering from alcohol dependence and abuse.
  • Personal Treatment– Through an alcohol rehab center, addicts can also get personal treatments and therapies that focus on specific problems or addictions which help them learn more about their dependency so they can stay sober in the future.
  • Coping Strategies for the Future– When people have drug or alcohol dependence, it is easy to relapse into bad habits. A large part of alcohol or drug rehabilitation is working on relapse prevention or coping strategies to help people stay sober after they leave the facility.
  • Support from Others– An alcohol or drug rehab center can also be beneficial because it offers a lot of support from peers that are in a similar situation, people who have finished the program, and the professionals running the program.

Alabama alcohol rehab centers and drug rehab centers are important because they offer people the help they need to get sober and recover from alcohol abuse or dependence. Learn more about United Recovery below.

Choosing United Recovery for Alabama Alcohol Rehab

United Recovery or the United Recovery Project is an Alabama alcohol and drug rehab facility. Our program is a strengths-based, competency approach to treatment. This means we focus on each individual’s needs, struggles, and obstacles and help them find ways to manage their life without resorting to substance addiction and abuse. Our approach is different from many other rehab facilities because we tailor and customize our programs to give each client the tools they need to win their battle against alcohol or drug addiction. This approach helps them detox and recover, but it also provides them with a better ability to avoid relapses in the future. We strive to help people develop the strength and capacity to put themselves and their recovery first.
If you or someone you know struggles with alcohol or drug addiction or dependency in Alabama, United Recovery could be a great solution. We want to help everyone who struggles with addiction recover and live a better life. Click here for more information about United Recovery.


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