Young adults use several bizarre ways to conceal and stash their drugs so they can go unnoticed by parents, teachers, and caregivers. You have to be familiar with the drug paraphernalia, often hidden in the bedroom, car, backpack or the purse, to learn of your child’s drug use.

Most parents have no clue what other signs of drug abuse to check for in their youngsters except behavior changes. You may suspect your child is abusing drugs from the typical signs of addiction they’re exhibiting including a sudden change in behavior, inexplicable poor performance in school, suspicious behavior and worsening health.

Sometimes there are no evident signs of addiction although the teen may still be abusing drugs. As such, it’s vital to learn the trends that drugs are taking every chance you get. Surprisingly, the evidence of drug use might be lying around, but you may not notice it. If you or your loved one is in need of assistance for a drug problem, contact us today for more information about our drug rehab program.

What’s Drug Paraphernalia?

Any equipment, product or materials designed with the goal of production, distribution, concealing, and consumption of controlled substances is drug paraphernalia. In most cases, each of the gear has the drugs that go hand in hand with it.

Drug paraphernalia falls into two categories. They’re the products promoted to kids for hiding or using illegal substances and products used by dealers for the preparation and selling of controlled substances.

Drug Paraphernalia Sources

As the need to conceal the drug paraphernalia due to their illegality increases, head shops, and tobacco shops has emerged over the years. Marketers and dealers of drug paraphernalia target the kids and young adults with the aim of making the drugs look less harmful and fashionable.

Worse still, the marketing of these equipment has taken a new dimension and now come in colorful, stylish designs with images of celebrities, bold logos, emojis and smiley faces. All these are efforts meant to make drug abuse look cool, trendy and acceptable.

These drug products are sold at;

  • Online stores
  • Mail order businesses
  • Tobacco shops
  • Several popular trendy gifts and novelty stores
  • Gas stations
  • Convenience stores

Different Types of Drug Paraphernalia

In the promotion of these drug equipment, it’s relatively hard to recognize them given that most are marketed and sold for in the name of legitimate and harmless reasons. It’s not uncommon to find some of these drug paraphernalia being advertised with disclaimers suggesting they’re meant for tobacco products.

The drug paraphernalia include;

Baggies & Cellophane

In the grocery stores, you’ll find small sandwich-sized baggies. These are commonly used for the packaging of illicit substances such as marijuana, crack cocaine, cocaine, and heroin. ‘Clever’ adolescent teens will tie move the content to one corner, tie the knot and then tear above the knot to fight off suspicions.


These are equipment mostly resembling silver medallions with a screwed top used for grinding marijuana.


Any drug is weighed before selling. If you spot portable weigh scales, that’s a tell-tale sign of drug use. They’re even digital scales, some the size of a smartphone and hard to tell from a regular cellphone.

Straws, Mirrors, Pens, Glass Tubes, Mirrors & Rolled Up Dollar Bills

You’re likely to find dismantled pens, sometimes cut into pieces. They’re used for sniffing certain drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

Syringes, Belts, Laces, Bandanas, Needles & Burnt Spoons

With these tools, any drug is possible except for marijuana and a couple of pills. They’re a good sign the teen is administering the drug substances through the veins.


Although initially designed for smoking tobacco, hookahs are also used for marijuana smoking.

Aluminum Foil

The drug enters the bloodstream faster when smoked or inhaled. Aluminum foils work for various drugs including cocaine and heroin.

Pipes, Bowls & Bongs

This paraphernalia are mostly associated with marijuana although they can still be used to imbibe hash and cocaine. Bongs are specialty pipes capable of holding water to make smoking easier.

Roach Clips

Roach clips are used for smoking marijuana in a concealed manner and are usually crafted to resemble other items such as bracelets, wires, and key rings.

Sprinkler Heads

If you stumble upon them, you might be tempted to think they’re actual sprinklers heads but your youngsters will stash drugs inside.

Battery Boxes

However innocent they might look, battery boxes usually have a bottom that screws off with and space inside for hiding substances.

Car Cigarette Lighters

If you check inside a car lighter, you might discover small amounts of marijuana, heroin and other drugs stashed.

The Bottom of Wax Candles

Your teen might be carrying candle wax. Check the bottom for any signs of openings containing drugs.

Drug Paraphernalia Used for Covering Up Use

Mouth Wash, Mints & Breathe Sprays

In the fear they might be caught, they have a variety of means to freshen the breath and eliminate traces of drug use.

Eye Drops

To manage bloodshot eyes brought about by the drug use.

Sun Glasses

Your youngster will suddenly start wearing some glasses for no reason to hide red eyes, dilated pupils and strange eye movements.

Is Drug Paraphernalia Illegal?

There are legal consequences for being in possession of drug paraphernalia. A person will be in contravention of the federal state laws if found;

  • Selling drug paraphernalia
  • Distributing drug paraphernalia by mail or other facilities interstate
  • Importing or export drug paraphernalia

Even if your child doesn’t have the drug, isn’t planning to use any controlled substance, they will be in trouble with the legal authorities if caught in possession of any drug-related paraphernalia. In such cases, heavy penalties and long jail terms apply.

Usually, possession charges are termed as misdemeanors, and the punishments may apply depending on the circumstances. That implies that the penalty may be amplified if the youngster was caught was in possession in school, or it isn’t the first charge.

All drug charges are recorded in the criminal record and will forever haunt an offender. In the future, your kid will have trouble finding employment. As such, you’ll need to take necessary measures before it gets out of hand.

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