Finding Hope in CLIFTON NJ Through Drug and Alcohl Rehab

As a resident of Clifton, NJ, you are unfortunately not exempt from the same challenges we are seeing sweep the nation. More and more people are suffering from the effects of drug and alcohol abuse and those who are searching for help are wondering where to go for drug and alcohol rehab. According to NJTV, New Jersey’s Public Media, the New Jersey drug addiction crisis has made drug overdose the leading cause of accidental death in the state . When you’re ready to seek help, rest assured you’re not the only one. Worried about becoming a statistic, many addicts in Clifton are searching for drug and alcohol rehab. Remember that there is always hope no matter what you’re going through or how isolated you feel.

Looking Outside of Clifton Rehab

United Recovery Project is a wonderful option for rehab and offers specialized care that is often not available at a drug and alcohol rehab in Clifton NJ. Located in Hollywood, Florida, United Recovery Project’s luxury drug and alcohol rehab center is one of the top facilities in the nation and a common destination for rehabilitation. Studies show that traveling away from the city where you have experience using drugs and alcohol is the best method for true recovery. Changing people, places and things in your life that are triggers for relapse will help you discover your best self without any distractions. You’ll also increase your chances of completing our program and experiencing a lasting transformation because it won’t be easy to leave and go home when things get tough. Though you always have the option to leave at any time, those who are far from home tend to stick through the difficult parts of rehab and have a higher chance of graduating

What United Recovery Project Offers

Before you decide to hop on a plane to Florida and dismiss drug rehab in Clifton, it’s a good idea to learn what types of programs United Recovery Project offers and how we will help you as an individual, not just another patient. Our programs include a drug and alcohol detox, substance abuse treatment, outpatient program, sober living community, and an alumni program. When you first arrive at our facility, an intake specialist will help you establish a customized treatment plan. Additionally, you’ll meet with a therapist, psychiatrist, and a medical doctor who will help you and make you feel at home. They’ll prescribe you the best treatment for your specific needs. Most patients participate in our residential treatment program for 28-45 days depending on their situation. We believe that everyone recovers at their own pace and offer you support for as long you need it. Once you’ve completed our program you will be set up for a life of confidence and success because we teach you how to rebuild trust after addiction, avoid relapse, and reach out when you need help. Your strong support team will always be just one Facebook chat, phone call, or group therapy session away.

Sober Living Homes

Our South Florida sober living homes are a great transition between rehab and your old life. You’ll experience a period of time where you can have a normal life without any distractions or temptations. We believe in an open-door policy where you can stay for as long or short as you need, and you can always return if you find yourself struggling. Our sober living community is special because United Recovery Project only admits those who are serious about recovery. You’ll reside in our beautiful homes and because we understand the healing power of the connection between counseling and addiction, you’ll continue to meet regularly with a therapist. While you’re living on our grounds, there are certain rules every resident must abide by, most of which are in place to keep you safe and help you on your path to recovery.

How to Get Started

Now that you know what United Recovery Project offers, you can make the best decision about the kind of rehab care you’re looking for. Once you arrived at our luxury drug and alcohol rehab center, you’ll no longer have to worry about negative influences or people judging you for past choices. Additionally, you will get to experience the beautiful scenery and uplifting weather that Florida provides while surrounded by people who support you and want you to succeed. Your fresh start with United Recovery Project will give you a chance at a brand-new life without the toxic influences of drugs or alcohol. Contact our wonderful treatment consultants and make the first step towards recovery today.


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