Drug Rehab Centers in Cherry Hill NEW JERSEY

Since you are familiar with Cherry Hill, you know just how fortunate you are to be living in proximity to beautiful sights and destinations like Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty that tourists from all over the world come to see.

Unfortunately, all that beauty does not make Cherry Hill immune to the epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse spreading across the country. When you feel desperate in your struggle with substance abuse and need drug rehab centers in Cherry Hill, NJ, you’re not alone. People all over the state of New Jersey feel just like you do but aren’t receiving the help they need. According to NJTV, New Jersey’s Public Media, New Jersey’s drug addiction crisis has led to 14,000 overdose deaths making it the leading cause of accidental death in the state. When you’re ready to seek help, rest assured you won’t be the only one. In the last decade, admission to drug treatment programs has risen 700%. The stigma around rehab centers is changing as people realize that their recovery is more important than worrying about what other people may be thinking or saying about them. No matter what your circumstances are, it’s never too late to change, and there is always hope.

Recovering Through Alcohol and Drug Treatment

While United Recovery Project’s alcohol and drug treatment center is not located in Cherry Hill, NJ, it is a wonderful option for specialized care that is often not offered near you. Located in Hollywood, Florida, our luxury drug and alcohol rehab center is just the change of scenery that you need. Before you decide whether you want to receive drug rehab in Cherry Hill or somewhere else, learn about the types of programs available in each facility and what you need. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can choose the facility that offers the best care for your situation.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Program

Going through a period of drug and alcohol detox is necessary for your body to overcome its physical dependency on the toxins that long periods of drug and alcohol use contribute to your system. Because withdrawals can be dangerous and even life-threatening, your 5-7 day detox period at United Recovery Project will be closely monitored by a medical professional. We offer you the chance to cleanse your body safely and can lessen the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms that you will experience. Because withdrawal is not something you should have to go through alone, we ensure that you go through the detox protocol with as much support as you need.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Detoxing is just the beginning of most drug and alcohol rehab. The actual substance abuse treatment is a longer period of time, usually lasting around 28-45 days, depending on what you need. At United Recovery Project in Florida, we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all to addiction treatment. That’s why when you first arrive at our facility, we will have a medical professional and a therapist assess your needs. This way, we know how best to help you. Our specialized care includes a customized treatment program so that you are set up for a life of confidence and success once you graduate.

Outpatient Treatment

When you search for outpatient drug rehab in Cherry Hill, NJ, you’ll find programs that grant you access to a treatment center’s resources during the day, allowing you to return home at night. This type of program is great for those who have a strong support group at home and don’t need to get away from familiar triggers. However, removing yourself from the surroundings that initially fed your addictions is very beneficial. When you don’t need an inpatient treatment setting, the outpatient alcohol and substance abuse treatment at United Recovery Project offers its participants access to group therapy, medical assistance, classes on communication skills, health and fitness, and more.

Traveling to Boost Recovery

Once you know the kind of treatment that is best for you, you can easily choose the facility that offers what you need. If you are worried about not completing a program or getting the help you need from a Cherry Hill rehab; you should travel outside of New Jersey to recover. People and places connected to addictive behavior are included in the top 5 triggers of relapse. In order to truly recover, you need to spend some time away from them. Going to Florida is the perfect way to escape triggers, judgmental family and friends, and figure out who you truly are. United Recovery Project believes in helping people transform their lives without losing sight of their best selves. When you’re ready to change, contact our caring treatment consultants and make the first step toward recovery today.


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