Alcohol abuse affects many parts of the body, and the pursuit of recovery can vary in length for each. How long to reverse effects of alcohol abuse in the body depends on the severity of abuse and for how many years the alcoholic was drinking.

Problems associated with alcohol abuse range from physical, emotional, social and psychological issues. While some of these bodily systems can be permanently impaired, others can regenerate and recover once the individual ceases drinking.

How long to recover from alcohol damage in different parts of the body?

As previously mentioned, the rate and possibility of recovery varies from person to person. Let’s take a look at the organs and systems impacted, and how recovery might be possible.

The brain
The brain is composed of a complex network of billions of neurons to optimize the body’s function and capacity.

Chronic use and abuse of alcohol kills and damages these neurons in all parts of the brain, inhibiting the necessary functions and the incredible capabilities of the body’s most complex organ.

As the brain’s neural pathways and neural activity are hindered, there is is an increased risk of neurological disorders and diseases, including dementia, stroke, brain cancer and seizures.

Most of the damage done to the brain cannot be repaired completely. However, abstaining from alcohol for a few months to a year is shown to help some areas regain partial correction. Additionally, the sooner an alcohol abuser abstains from drinking, the more damage to their brain they avoid.

The liver
The liver excretes toxins from the body, so the liver works overtime when excess alcohol is consumed. Over time, an overworked liver becomes scarred, fatty and non-effective.

can you reverse liver damage from alcoholism

Can liver damage be reversed if you stop drinking?

Some liver damage can be reserved when an individual stops drinking. When the liver no longer has to work in overtime to expel excess toxins from, it gains an opportunity to heal previous damage. However, an overworked liver can cause problems in other organs and systems, which are not always reversible.

Can the liver repair itself after years of drinking?

If abstinence from alcohol is initiated soon enough, the liver can regenerate itself and avoid life-threatening conditions.

Can you reverse liver damage from alcoholism?

Not all liver damaged can be reversed if an individual stops drinking. If too much scar tissue builds up in the liver, it becomes irreversible and requires the alcoholic to need a new liver.

The heart
The cardiovascular issues associated with drinking are many, including hypertension, a weakened heart and difficult pumping blood, high cholesterol, irregular heartbeats and heart attacks. Some damage to the heart can be reversed within a few months of quitting alcohol, but the longer an alcoholic abuses the substance, the more serious and irreversible the damage becomes.

Alcohol abuse wreaks havoc on more than a drinker’s social and work life. It severely impedes on their physical, mental, emotional and psychological health. If you or a loved one has a problem abusing alcohol, getting treatment as soon as possible is the only way to healthy life and to the chance of recovering damage done to the body during years of abuse.

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